Sephayeen goes to Osaka : a night at Dotonburi (where to get money exchange)

Welcome to our first trip with my family in Osaka Japan!  We cannot say that this trip was on a budget because it really was not😜, but it was only because our parents were with us (yey!)

We did pay for some stuff though so we can share with you those stuff we did do (and did pay 😭)

What we did: Airline ticket Php30,000/each (whatttt?!!!  mahal di ba? nakaka bad trip. Hahaha but we wanted to fly with our parents who used their frequent flier Delta Miles… ✈️✈️✈️ (we flew via ANA 

What to do instead: Buy cebu pacific or PAL, even air asia! I saw tickets for around php15,000.00 (non promo) 

Airbnb near Dotonburi: Php6,000/night to php15k/night depending how many pax are you… we were 8pax so we paid around 15k per night. It was walking distance from Dotonburi.
Dotonburi Night

If eating was a sport I would win definately! The selection was outstanding, I wanted to try everything. 

What I love about street food in Japan is that I know that it is clean because I see how they maintain the cleanliness… how i wish street food everywhere in the world was like this!!!

It was also very affordable- for 400-3000yen busog ka na!

Eto yun di namin na try kasi we came in at a high season (April Osaka Season) and advance booking ang nangyari sa iba… sigh at least may babalikan kami.

Inihaw na Eels, Tentacles, seashells etc
Automated Ramens and Rice bowls!!!
Building with Money Exchange
along the mainarea lang pf of dotonburi left side. Near the giant crab ( hindi yun sa kanto may isa pa sa looban)
cheese and takoyaki heacen 😝
Jj buying Tummy Takoyaki!!!
pag nakita mo ito malapit ka na sa money exchange

  • of you miss this may money exchange sa train station pag baba sa Kyoto (mas maganda exchange rate doon ) 😜

In the dark

So still

I can barely see

When i breathe

I feel free

In your eyes

I see me

Little precious one

Your creation

Your being…

I feel found

After years of silence

I feel your presence once more

A gentle calm

Unexplainable peace

Certainty that holds no grounds

But the belief that your there…

I want to take a step

Want to come back

But like the years that passed

I an unsure

Difference from then and today

Is that now i know your there

So still

I breathe you in

The calmness that swirls inside

Like repeated sighs

Uncertainty and belief side by side

I then begin to pray…

Food review (bicol) Dandan’s Noodle House- for your authentic jap taste food

When i crave for japanese food when i am in legazpi bicol- this is the place i run too… 

It looked like a humble carinderia and honestly “unappetizing”; BUT i could not be more wrong.

Check out how the place looks. They have a limited selection but that is fine since that also meant that they could focus on the freshness of each dish.  
Price is anywhere from 80php-160php (roughly $1.50-$4.00 tops per dish) amazing right? πŸ™‚


huge serving katsudon
tempura udon yummy!!’

The serving is good for two in actuality (depends if your hungry then you’ll probably would not let anyone near your order hehehe) 

So next time your in town, and if your in a budget, this beats the fast food option. 

Book Review: The Fate of TenΒ 

I was extatic when I saw the feed in facebook about the 6th book installment of the I am No.4 series! 

I could not wait to see what happens next and waiting a year made me forget some scenes from the past books.


* basing from the title alone I knew that Ten (Ella) was a goner. I just could not put my finger on it but usually the fragile looking ones (she is depicted as still a child) are the ones who are supposed to be harbouring stronger powers! I was right… It does not make any sense though… Why kill her then make her come back and then at the end she is alive but barely keeping her wits together? 

* a whole battalion of himan guardes yey! Go team lorien-earth!

* why does John automatically have the powers of pittacus lore? I dont get it… Coz he has front billing in the beggining of the series??? 

Finally… I am glad that Sarah is no more… Yup that is correct… They just seem too sappy to me. I’d much rather like ella and john be an item in the future after all these craziness is done! I mean what an ending right? John might be a descendant of Pittacus lore and ella of Setakis Ra! Perfect way to bring back peace to the once unseparable best friends πŸ™‚